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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1411

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1411
Big list of changes and fixes this week in our latest latest update
  • Tutorial money adjusted to go up with price of transports
  • Carriers can now load "what they can" when given the order to. Starts with the smallest units first
  • Repair for grouped units wasn't getting a bonus for being in a location with base or shipyard, they should now
  • The set amount of turns getting stuck for loop and guard orders should be fixed.
  • The "divide by size" mechanic for raid power was removed. Larger ground units should raid for appropriate amounts. Was a difficult and temporary mechanic. There might be a raid stat in the future. For now powerful ships can probably raid well
  • Units left in space without a carrier take damage every round
  • Bases and shipyards can now build higher level versions of the units, at a level equal to the bases level if desired. The construction time and cost go up appropriately but there is a 20% bonus on the time through a base
  • There is now a 20% interest charged on your "debt" if your corp fund are below zero
  • Construction time on all ground units has quadrupled(!)
  • The upgrade cost bonus on units is being removed. it costs the full amount to upgrade units (used to cost 50%) there is a bonus to construction time when building higher level units through high level bases
  • Many of the units combat stats have been tweaked. Smaller ships, like destroyers are cheaper but with less hit points. Hit points of tanks and suits brought down a notch. Some combat values against fighters was changed.
  • The combat matrix on the Guide tab of the website shows the construction turns of units as well as there hangar and cargo
  • Assets page altered to show size of units next to their level (x75 for example)
There is also a plan to make repairs cost money so If you knock a x100 stack of variteks down to 10% and they get away they don't recover in a day for free. Might see something like that in another update.
Another major change we're looking to implement is that ground units cannot upgrade themselves, instead the Upgrade would have to be assigned or initiated by a military base on the planet and be tracked in that bases construction queue. This will make your bases dictate how much and how fast you can increase the size of your forces and not a torrent of smaller units upgrading themselves

We really want to move onto Events this coming week, tweaks to the military and logistics will still show up but hopefully we can have a vote for a city ruler out in the new star system next week. It seems any real bugs have been cleared with few exceptions.
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