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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1411

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1411
This week we started working on Reporting but weren't able to implement it fast enough. We also started looking at selling Military and Structures through contracts but also couldn't get that in. Hopefully those will be available by next week. There were also a few bugs in the back end that were identified and corrected. and some subtle changes on the assets screen, Structures now show their output on the assets screen!

The major change that did go in this week was the way in which new cities spawn outside of Sol System. Before, all it took was 500 production worth of industry to spawn a city anywhere. That led to single players actually going around and spawning their own cities by putting down some industry and then salvaging it once a city spawned. That doesn't align well with galaxy expansion in general which is based around "need" or at least aggregates players to focus on an area and then opens up new territory once existing territory has gotten a foothold and is growing.

SO now new cities have another restriction on them based on the planets existing population. On an empty planet with no cities, the rule is unchanged and 500 industry in a location will spawn a city at that location. But now another city will not be allowed to spawn unless the total population on the PLANET is at least 10mil for every existing city. So the first city on a planet needs to hit 10mil population before a second city can be founded. Once that 2nd city is founded, and new cities start start at almost 1mil population, a third city cannot be spawned until he planet reaches 20mil population. Whether that means the first city hits 19mil and the second one remained at 1 mil doesn't matter, its the total population on a per planet basis.

Another caveat is that only ONE new city per planet per turn can spawn when available. If there are 12 locations on a planet with more than 500 industry, only the highest production location will spawn if able to, on the next turn if the math still works than another one will spawn. It should also be noted that when a new system opens up, there might still be a race to establish the first city on every planet with 500 industry and in the beginning every planet will probably have just that one city until it gets going.

Dead Cities (Outside of Sol) can now be ABANDONED. If a city has less than 100 industry, is under 100k total population and No one has a Corp HQ at the location that city will be deleted. This can actually happen through a lot of combat at a city which lowers population and destroys structures. City destruction by massive attack is now possible (outside of Sol) ! Any titles, Contracts, and events targeting that city will be removed or updated. If you have units trying to sell to that city, it should fail with a message in the units log. City deletion happens when the Universe expansion procedure runs which is every 100 turns.

Cities that suddenly were deleted after this update are:
Dublin - Odegard Xc
Ayden - Gulyaev V
Western - Gulyaev V
Breaks - Gulyaev IV
Canmer - Gulyaev V
Deane - Wolf VII
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