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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1411

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1411
This is a list of fixes we made this week after the Final beta Test restarted 4/1/2017

  • Galaxy expansion fixes for cities that you wouldn't have noticed yet
  • Assets Tab >> Product mode showing zeroes for buys and sells. Was reading wrong game turn
  • Tutorial bug that allows you to queue up several 1 turn construction time units and items corrected.
  • In the top 10 list under view->demand, the total price of all products added together is being displayed instead of an average price.
  • Comms tab reworked a little and added Forums link
  • You can now link to the locations displayed on the Resource tab
  • Viewscreen >> Overview Battles and Events check boxes work better. When checked they will display battles and events on the viewscreen on any other tab selected.
  • Research tech bug wouldn't update your structures with a bonus after adding a research point. Only if that point was into a new product type on your list.
  • Asteroid mining now uses (ResourceValue x (ShipPower / 100)) to calculate how much resource gathered. A 100 power ship will mine the value, A 200 power will mine twice the value. There is no longer a "split" between ships present, instead it uses Overcrowding. There is overcrowding penalty that kicks in at 1000 power total similar to normal resources. At 2000 total power mining an asteroid location, everyone there will be getting half of what they would normally.
  • Contracts with expired completion dates should be going to Completed status now.
  • Attack Turns should now work as expected and not cancel order if there is nothing to attack. You can attack an empty space for 1000 turns as a way to keep everyone out.
  • Attack damage threshold on attack order should actually work now. If the attacking unit has below the designated hit points, it will cancel its order and move to the next one. That should work for fleets and groups also by the total hit point percentage for the GROUP. You can still lose individual units.
  • MAK Mothership is no longer a "loadable unit". Not that anyone has one of those =)
  • The Hostile Pirate, Hostile Raiders, and MAK mothership events should all now have a max random level based on the planets population. It is currently set at 1 level max per 5 million planet population. a 25 million pop planet has the possibility of a level 10 event. A 3 million population planet shouldn't see any of those events past level 1.
  • Clicking on a product stack in a planet that has no cities or demand was crashing the page because of the salvage calculation. Salvaging a stack on an empty world gives zero credits now.

There have been two popular new features talked about this week. Orbital structures around planets (Starbases, Warp Gates, Doom Cannons) and Escorting other ships. We're not going to be adding any new game features until after launch but those are probably the two that will go in first.

The features we are trying to work on this month are the payment system through PayPal (start with PayPal first and add others later) l, Account management screen (Change your email, cancel your account etc) and Comms messages forwarded to email (which can easily go to your phone). These are almost necessary to launch.

The only other things we plan to work on right now are actual bugs, all your suggestions on changes are welcome and I will try to make a poll post with the popular ones.

If that can all go in by next week, then we're seriously looking at a May, 2017 launch.
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