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Posts: 22
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Dear industries of Cairo,
dear citizen of the world,

This is the current Cairo report with recommendations and directives.

We are still struggling to full-fill the demand our citizen. The biggest needs are in the “Civilian services” sector, as far as I can see. So we need industries, even in other categories. So feel free to settle down and make some easy money with selling your production directly on our market.

My steps as ruler:
Expand Cairo care program, with the target to full-fill a part of the Cairo demand. Importing goods, especially in the raw materiel market. Additionally I started the “Civilian service program” with the target to push civilian services projects forward. Finally I am constantly researching and deploying Gaia booster for Cairo. Most of this costs are privately financed by me.

So, if any CEO is interested in investing industries in Cairo feel free to contact me. I will try to support as good as I can! BTW: Currently the Ocrowd rates are very low.

In order to support the above named programs and increase the industries in Cairo I announce this decree.
- All industries, structures and military units are now under the protection of the ruler of Cairo (All2Market Inc.).
- The All2Market Inc. military will take place in every battle on the Cairo location and fights on the site of every Cairo people.
- Every attack on an Cairo located industries or military unit is an attack against the authority. Be careful!

To all citizen of Cairo, even without an HQ here!

1. Serve the demand as best as possible and help to let Cairo grow faster! Sell your stuff directly to our city.
2. Serve some military units and defend our beloved Cairo if necessary! Even if it is only a small amount, every help is welcome.
3. Life in peace and freedom!

Safe fly & peace for everyone on Earth
(All2Market Inc)
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