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Posts: 29

Posts: 29
A while ago we debated about the idea of introducing the –capture- order: confiscating units from rival players under certain conditions.

Now, here is another suggestion of a similar type, yet this time for structures (keep in mind this would come in line for corporation that could decide to go rogue or pirate for a time, or completely I guess).

- The order would be an –occupy- order
- It would allow the invader to produce or mine at an active or inactive factory or mine for a limited or set amount of turns
- Supposedly at best if no military unit is guarding location, to avoid a battle report
- Then there are two options: 1) either it is left to the owner to notice he was leeched or wrongly exploited, on his assets list however he can see the structure in question is not on halt 2) a report/message is delivered – not public, only player related – yet the name of the leeching corporation is not revealed
- In case of the option 1) it is left to the leeching player to gamble about how many turns his unit(s) would stay without being noticed or risk staying until cargo is filled
- In case of the latter option 2) here above, an effective maximum limit of turns is set and after the leeching unit left it will not be allowed to occupy again for a certain amount of turns ..

So far to this, now debate ;-)
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