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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1478

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1478
We have reduced the value of the higher tier items and reduced the volume of the higher tier items as well. This will probably jolt your accounting and cause some losses if you are playing in the higher product tiers

The current product values for Raw Mats, Comps, End Products, Civilian is 100, 325, 750, 1000.

That is going to change to 100, 250, 500, 750. This is what they were originally a whole ago.

Also the volume of Components is going to be 75% of what it is now, and on End Products the volume is going to be 50% of what it is now. Civilian Services are NOT getting a volume reduction.

This change is mostly putting BACK what the values were originally a while ago when it comes to prices. The volume reduction is new however and this should start to correct the problem of the player base not being able to supply the higher tier products . They used to produce more qty not be higher valued. This has caused some issues because there are probably 2x as many component product and 3x as many end products. Without he added production these demands could not be met.

Other changes

  • Guild total members should correct themselves now. There was an issue where corps that were deleted recalculate the guild they were in.
  • Megastructures inside cities that collapse will auto salvage.
  • Population loss in battles now scales to the difference between attackers and defenders power. If the attacking force is half the power of the defenders, it will do half the pop damage it would of normally done for example.
  • Artifact Research labs should not be contributing to the city spawn calculation. Sites which only have Research labs should no longer spawn cities.
  • Comms Message allotment increased to 25 per hour.

I was trying to get Comm message forwarding in place. where you can send certain Comms messages in game to another email address which if you mobile carrier has an SMS gateway email address (and most do) you can send to an email that will go to your phone. I hit snags at the end so it will probably show up next week

I still haven't gotten the Doomstar event up, I'm debating on how to play that even out I really want to get that one going next week also.

Other things Im starting to work on is a Mass Update Sceen for your structures, so youc an change all your production or Buy Sells at once. I also want to do something similar for military units where you can find replace certain fields like City or location or product types and mass update a block of units orders at once.

The other planetary and system megatructures are in the works and the last thing Im toying with is Deep Space Exploration. Visit special location out in space and possibly spawn dynamic quests with new rewards
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