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Posts: 24
Here is a list of tips for new players. More will be added to list as they are created.


New Player Tip #001

While setting up your industry it is important to think of the higher tier products you wish to make. This will allow you to make the decision on what lower tier products to make and not have to rebuild your structures once you start producing Components and End Products.

To see where there is an opening in a market, you can check out the amount of a product produced in game by category at the Game Status page of the home page for Barons of the Galaxy.

To determine what materials you need to produce what higher tier products, check out the guide's production page.

Tier 1 - Raw Materials
Tier 2 - Components
Tier 3 - End Products


New Player Tip #002 - Politics

Politics is a big part of this game. After getting a small economy setup and going, check the charters for the system, planets, and cities you wish to play in. Some places could have restrictions while others may have benefits.


Also check out the politics section of the forum for upcoming or current treaties or other happening. You can also speak with the mayor of your city or Emperor of your planet if you questions about anything you need to know in the political environment.


New Player Tip #003 - Headquarters

Your headquarters is your most important structure. Once your headquarters is upgraded, it will never get downgraded through destruction or liquidation. So no matter how much things could go wrong for you in game, your HQ will always be placed at the last highest level you upgraded it to.

Always have your HQ upgrading if you have the funds to do so. Also contracts are locked to you until you reach HQ level 2. So upgrading your HQ as soon as you can as a new account is critical to your player to player trade.
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