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GNN: Top 20 Corporations – Turn 50,000

GNN is proud to announce its’ top 20 corporations in the galaxy. These corporations are the greatest in the galaxy, and have proven their business and leadership potential through the successful growth and propagation of their corporations.

Corporations have been ranked based numerous factors including their political titles, founding date of the corporation, net worth, military strength, and industrial output. Corporations that do not currently have any military or industrial assets have been excluded from consideration.

Top Corporation:

1. Exordium, Emperor of Rigil I
The most influential corporation in the galaxy boasts unsurpassed rankings among corporate indicators. The company is currently the most valuable in the galaxy. Exordium is the only corporation in the top 5 for net worth, industry, and military. As Emperor of Rigil I, Exo has political control over the main population center in Rigil.

Though the top corporation in the galaxy, Exordium is distanced from the politics of the more populated systems – the corporation is mostly concerned with events and growth within the Rigil system. This isolation may be part of Exordium’s success, with little to no competition for resources. Whatever the reason for the success, Exo is deservedly ranked as first in the galaxy.

Ranks 2 Through 5:

2. JBD, Star Lord of Gulyaev
The first and longest standing Star Lord in the galaxy, JBD is an extremely important corporation in the galaxy. Standing at 7th in net worth, JBD is Star Lord of the Gulyaev system, which is home to 3 of the top 5 corporations in the galaxy. This corporation also boasts one of the finest military forces in the galaxy, including some of the most advanced starships in the galaxy.

3. SoreCogs DragonsGear, Ruler of Ilias
The industrial leader of the galaxy, SoreCogs DragonsGear is a huge force to be reckoned with. They boast the strongest military in Sector 1, and hold the rulership over the great city of Ilias. Recent corporate restructuring has seen SoreCogs involved in some contentious political events, but the corporation has come out on top each time and stronger than before.

4. Safehold Corp, Emperor of Gulyaev II
Ruler of Gulyaev II, Safehold has also been in several altercations recently due to their newfound devotion to the group Haedus Disciples. The influence of this corporation has increased tremendously in the last few thousand turns, and holds a great amount of political weight in the galaxy. Safehold is currently ranked 6th in net worth, and boasts the 5th largest military.

5. Megacoso Corp, Ruler of Erben
Ranked #5 in net worth, Megacoso is among the greatest in the galaxy. A huge contributor to the Mars colony that brought Sol its first Star Lord, the corporation continues to keep Mars stable through consistent and wise management. Megacoso is in the top 10 for both military and industrial output.

Ranks 6 through 10:

6. Renraku Systems, Emperor of Sirius I
The second most valuable company in the galaxy, Renraku Systems is set to grow even stronger and more influential. They boast the second greatest industrial output in the galaxy. This corporation is one of only 4 corporations in the top 10 for net worth, military, and industry.

7. Kosmere Unlimited, Star Lord of Sirius
Along with Renraku, Kosmere is also in the group of 4. The relatively young Star Lord holds power over the greatest population in the galaxy. As leader of the Liason Federation, Kosmere Unlimited is bringing forth a new generation of powerful and successful corporations. They are ranked 4th in net worth.

8. Black Star Inc, Star Lord of Sol
Star Lord of Sol, Black Star Inc still holds tremendous influence in galactic politics. The corporation is offset by the relatively low industrial capacity, and is the 10th most valuable company, lowest among the top 10.

9. Luna Moth Industries, Ruler of Huertas
Recently relocated to Panther, Luna Moth still holds a strong voice in the galaxy. Following a corporate rebuild, Luna is set to build strength into the Panther system, and holds the 7th strongest military. Ranked #8 in net worth, this corporation has well proven its place among the top 10.

10. Mithgen, Ruler of Klaasen
Isolated in Sector 7, Mithgen is yet a giant of the galaxy. Holding the strongest military force among all corporations, the company can easily take care of itself. Mithgen is currently ranked #3 in net worth, and will likely rise in the rankings as Yrsa I begins to grow and prosper.

Ranks 11 through 20:

11. Titan Industrial, No rulership
12. AristocraTech, Ruler of Paris
13. AvanteTec, Ruler of Belen
14. Circlejerk Ind, No rulership
15. Evil, Ruler of Bern
16. Spaced Out, Ruler of Peking
17. Boldor Galactic Inc, No rulership
18. Kramerica Industries, Ruler of Orlean
19. Templaris Inc, Emperor of Earth
20. Seidr Laboratories, Emperor of Sirius X
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