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Posts: 69
Boldor Galactic Inc is interested in starting and administrating a combat league for corporations to participate in. The goal of the league is to create an ongoing battle arena where players can compete to be the champion, as well as earning handsome rewards and media sponsorships.

1. What is the league?
BGI hopes to have 6-10 corporations at a minimum. These corporations will form a league with matches to be played weekly, likely 6-10 weeks long. BGI will form a schedule of opponents and send reminders to corporations. The corporations would be responsible for playing their match before the end of the week.

2. What are the rewards?
GNN will offer a media sponsorship of up to 100 million credits per corporation per season. This sponsorship will offset the upkeep cost of units participating in the games. In addition to this, GNN hopes to gain corporate sponsors to provide end of season awards to corporations. These awards can be artifacts, units, or additional prize money.

3. Where will this happen?
An entire moon would be dedicated to host the games. Potential locations would be unoccupied moons in the Sol system such as Triton or Oberon. GNN would build stadiums at dedicated locations on the moon where combat is to take place. Each participating corporation would own 1 military base on the moon to create necessary units. This will make participation easier as corporations would not have to transport units from long distances to participate. Just build a base and you are ready to begin.

4. What will the format of the games be?
Each match will have a home and away team. The away team will attack the home team force. For each match, a corporation will send a group of 7 units to fight with. These 7 units must not exceed 10,000/turn in upkeep. The match will be limited to a certain number of turns (2-4 turns, will be determined after some testing is done). The fighting may have additional restrictions pending the results of the test. Corporations would be allowed to keep a “team” of up to 20,000/turn upkeep on the planet to choose their fighting force from.

5. How will scoring be determined?
Score will be determined by the number of enemy units destroyed. The games are meant to be balanced so that it is not always a “fight to the death”. Teams can tie by destroying an equal amount of units. A match could end with a score of 5-3, meaning one side destroyed 5 units, the other destroyed 3. Winning a match earns a team 3 points, a tie earns both teams 1 point, and losing earns 0 points. The team with the most points at end of the season is considered the champion. Tiebreaker is determined by the player with the better kill/loss ratio of units.

Boldor Galactic Inc, AKA the old StarCorp
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