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Posts: 3
Managing a unit's orders can get complicated and messy, especially if a given unit has a couple dozen orders.

I was thinking of a few things that might simplify it.

Here are some things that would not add any capabilities but would simply make it more convenient.
  • comments - I think it would make it a lot easier if I could add comments. I would like to be able to write a comment on the entire unit itself, which is not mixed in with the orders, and I would like to be able to comment in the orders. Perhaps you could add an order called "comment". Basically, the user could put any text in this order, and when this order becomes active it doesn't do any thing and it immediately activates the next order on that same turn.
  • variables - it would be nice if I could set variables and use them in my order. I was thinking of three types of variables: location, product, and quantity. Basically, there would be a separate panel in the orders tab that lets me create and set variables, then when I am actually making the orders, I could refer to one of these variables instead of choosing the same option or entering the same number 5 or 6 times.
  • subroutines - basically like a user defined function in any programming language. Basically, there would be a page somewhere that lets me create and edit subroutines. Theses routines should be able to take parameters that would act like local variables. Then the list of orders could be a tree view. If the active order is a subroutine, give the user the option to expand it and see which part of the subroutine is running.
  • log all actions - I would like to be able to see a log of all the actions taken by a unit

Here are some things that would make the units more programmable. I'm not sure if these would be good, they might be potentially game breaking, but I figure I may as well share them
  • sensors - let the unit know things about its state. For example, its level, location, how much of each thing it's carrying, the value and volume of commodities at the city that it is in. Then it could store this info in a variable or combine it with the next suggestion
  • conditionals - conditionally execute a set or orders based on sensor data or variables
  • enhanced wait orders - let the unit wait for a certain event, i.e. wait at the base until another unit is produced, wait until a structure is completed/deployed, wait until there are a certain number of specific units at its location
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