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Posts: 390

Posts: 390
It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the Gulyaev Protectorate I am announcing the Gulyaev Protectorate Awards.

It has come to the notice of the Gulyaev Protectorate that there has been an extraordinary effort in the development of the Metropolis of Silva on Gulyaev VII

Given how extensive is the experience of the protectorate in the development of cities, it is no easy feat to impress us!

Yet without any doubts we are unanimous in our bestowal of this Award to the most meritorious Corporation in the development of Gulyaev.

Without further ado:

To celebrate this exceptional award celebrations will be carried out in the entire Gulyeav system.

Full week of heavenly bounties ahead!

And we will also be hosting an intergalactic trade show in Gulyeav VII - an excellent opportunity to showcase your best and most impressive products, designs and ideas.

Our thanks again to Lady Aura, CEO of Sweet Fruit Supply for her outstanding work in bringing Silva back from the brink and turning it into a bustling metropolis!
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