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Posts: 9

As Septimus Sector (SVII) continues to grow, we have to provide a new vision for the future of entire region. Being the one of key drivers of SVII, Consortium have taken a responsibility to specify this concept.


Besides the generic desires and intentions to make the game much interesting by involving for collaboration more and more different people, tied by common mission within a single region, we want to achieve some goals and leave a good memory about ourselves and our deeds, by building and developing this marvelous sector.
Briefly, we could set apart three primary goals in political, expansionary and economic areas.

Mankind was always looking for a new frontiers, worlds and stars. As do we. At first, this is just a lively interest, to open and discover new system, at second – a way to access new resources, additional space for new economical activities. So we want to open a nearby system around Yrsa. But we don’t want to rush this process too much, we would rather like to make it step by step, building up our home system, grow up new settlements within. This process is going to be heavily tied with our political goals and is the very first piece of the big picture.

We want to establish an institutions of local administration with all the necessary hierarchy and acquire political titles on all levels till sector leadership. This is really challengeable goal, as requires a lot of real and active players who are able to relocate their HQ’s to SVII Sector. But if we’ll be able to make this political structure, from the very basic planetary level to sector scale – we’ll get a good and stable community, working together, collaborating and communicating with each other, increasing sector efficiency in general.

The most important objective for us – is to build sustainable economy within SVII sector and to provide a good opportunities for all corporations, i.e. to grow the most profitable part (T2-T3) of market with good demands and volumes. The concept is to fill basic market segment with raw materials, supplied by efforts of special Consortium corporation. This will guarantee the basic and stable growth of primary cities even without geobossters, leaving other segments free for players. Also, this will help to avoid situations where some important cities could be without any supplies at all, when some corps leave them or decide to stop selling products there.
Currently this is responsibility of shared corp, Consortium Executive, and we’re waiting for new game features which are going to help much with this (like guild banks, shared assets etc).


How we’re going to achieve our goals?
We understand that the player number is not so big and SVII still remains far, unclear and unknown for many of them at this moment. That’s why we have to provide an interesting and attractive conditions, at least for newcomers. So, we’re working on several directions to cover their needs:

Trade Hubs
We’re building and growing our settlements, to increase market volumes and demands making them competitive to metropoly cities. So there is no longer a big necessity to deliver your products to Sol, Sirius or Gulyaev to receive additional profits, you can do the same here. And you don’t need to spend extra efforts for growing hubs only by yourselves, as Consortium supplies them and keep them growing on a stable levels.

Relocation Assistance
We’re able to help you with relocation. Here’s the plenty of already built ACP modules, units, we can provide them to you just for free, so you can start build immediately. Also, we’re transferring 100M credits to your account in order to help with establishing your business. There will be additional amount of financing if you’re taking the rulership on one of free cities. Also, some cities (Cantor, Semery) have Hypernet Towers, slightly decreasing maintenance cost for your structures. Warp Gate is at level 10 in Yrsa system.

Political Opportunities
We’re going to expand our space and build local administrations. So we require some mayors, rulers, who we’ll be able to take a rulership on cities. We believe this could be much more interesting with upcoming prestige changes, making this positions more interesting and valuable for players. You still have a chance to take them now!

Military Protection
Consortium has it’s own fleet and is able to provide protection within controlled territory. At same time, the overall population of SVII systems aren’t too big enough to generate deadly enemy forces.

Friendly Community
Consortium and all other corporations in SVII – are an active and friendly community, with common goals, vision and good relationships. We’re open for any new members here.

Stellar Logistics
This currently is only some thoughts, but if there is demand for regular shipping to S1 metropoly, we'll going to provide some kind of interstellar freight as a service here.


We’re looking for an active players, who want to try something new, far from wellknown space, closer to new frontiers and discoverings. Septimus Sector is open and ready to give you new opportunities right here!
Feel free to contact or request any information about SVII and Consortium.

Iyur (Offworld Engineering)
Xerthaone (Yrsa Industries)
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edited by Iyurrr on 9/3/2018

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