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Posts: 69

Posts: 69
The following are the results of the public vote as held by Boldor Galactic concerning the potential creation of a charter for the research site on the moon. The vote is to enact a charter based on past precedent. See below for the details of the vote. Please verify the accuracy of your vote, and if you did vote and I missed it/forgot, let me know and I'll get it updated.

1. Yes, enact a Moon charter based on past precedent
- Wescher Nusa - 29,973
- Municipal Archives - 4,242
- Earth First - 160
- IGLO - 79

2. Yes, but with different requirements than previous
- Exordium - 15,188
- Boldor Galactic Inc - 10,944
- Green Inc - 6,803

3. No, do not enact a moon charter
- Demannu Networks - 185
- AMEE - 50

Internal discussions will take place concerning the formation and implementation of this charter. Please be aware that this post is an announcement of the voting results only and is still pending discussions with domestically based corporations as well as extra-solar corporations.

Boldor Galactic Inc, AKA the old StarCorp
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