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So I love the concept of this game and it seems to have all the units and features you could want. However none of that is accessible.

My short story went like so.

I started a new company, chose the resource I felt like sounded solid (cotton). Then I proceeded to follow the tutorial building where it recommended and what.

This left me with a solid 2k a turn in profit at the time. So I upgraded some stuff and changed my hq around to a few different things that made more money.

I tried using that transport to make money but it was unable to sell anything on order for longer than 30 turns at a profit with that transport. My margins seemed low and what the hell was that buy for double mess... If someone is selling for 15 why the hell am i buying for 30?

Got my profit margin up to 5k a turn on cotton and poultry. Started buying and upgrading pastures and stuff only to realize when i upgraded my hq there were different resource research options than what I was given at the start.

So I started changing that over to a more generic product category than the specific thing slowly. Noticed I couldn't sell cotton anymore since that was losing money so I switched to fruits, sugar, and fish. Got everything ticking profitable again.

All seemed fine and dandy. Then I log on approximately 12 hours after nearly finishing my upgraded hq and my finances were a nightmare. Prices for everything I make and produce are so low I can't make any money with any of them. SO I HAD TO SALVAGE EVERYTHING.... I didn't even get to upgrade the structures I had much, I only ever was able to build 3 buildings and they ended up losing me income???

Trading didn't seem to make any money, can't make any military units because they cost more than 100 turns for a single scout?

Love the concept but I'm sorry this game doesn't seem balanced at all.

Farewell New York that was an interesting visit and thanks for having me!
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