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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1478

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1478
I finally pushed an update today. The major feature change is "Custom Variables" as requested in my "What to work on next" post. Although not exactly automated scripts and logic, that can now be something added later.

Custom Variables
There is a new link on the bottom of the Assets page for "Manage Variables" this screen allows you to make a named variable for Location, Product Type or Production value. Then you can go to your assets military orders or structures production setting and you will notice an additional "Custom Variable Link" Dropdown. If an order s linked to a variable then that order will change automatically whenever you edit that variable and change it to something else.

So for example, You make a "My Delivery Location" location variable set to New York and a "My Hot Product" product variable set to Pork. Then you go to a farm you have and link the production to "My Hot Product" (which is Pork) and link the transports Transfer Cargo order to pick up "My Hot Product" (Pork) and then a move order to "My Delivery Location" (New York)

Then when you notice that New York is oversold, you can go to Manage Variables, edit you "My Hot Product" variable to be Beef. It will automatically change whatever is linked to that variable to be Beef instead of Pork (Several production sites, and several "Sell" orders across several assets for example). When you notice that New York ain't so hot anymore, you can change your "My Delivery Location" variable to be Houston and it will automatically change any order linked to it to "Houston".

There is a section in the guide for Custom Variables under "The Basics"

The 1 qty sell bug
Your units will always be able to sell at least 1 qty of product even if this means the total sold in one turn to a single city exceeds it volume. This will prevent your units from canceling orders when they can only sell a fraction of a unit.

Assets page notes now displays production quantity and production rate

Free account players can now vote in all events except elections.

Salvaging product now uses 10% of the average demand for that product across the entire system you are in.

Quality of life improvement on movement orders
The drop down for "Select Location" on Move To Location order now includes "Current Location" (of the asset you're looking at), "Corporate HQ", and also includes entries for warp gates and all cities across the system the unit is in. The Bookmarks drop down now says "Bookmarks / Assets" and includes an entry for every location in which you have ANY assets including a simple count. These should make plotting routes with the move order much easier and almost entirely remove the need to "Find on Map" for any normal route within your own corporation.

The next thing I intend to work on is selling a stack of product without a contract. Simply clicking on the product stack and setting a price and amount you want to sell. It will show up immediately int he Contracts section (Which might be renamed) on a separate tab possibly. Anyone can immediately pay or it and get them transferred immediately. That shouldn't take long.
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