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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1475

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1475
This is just a post about how the work on the next update is going.

I've been working on the Anomalies and Missions for the last few weeks. This is going to essentially be a randomized quest system in the game. You will be able to visit "Anomalies" on planets in space , and in DEEP space like settlements, Outposts, Starbases in the star system but also quasars and derelict spacecraft out in deeper space. Some anomalies will be hidden and randomly ping nearby ships who can reveal them. The different anomaly types randomly have different types of NPC mission givers and levels depending on the anomaly type. In turn NPCs have a random set of the types of missions they usually offer and the type of rewards. Poor Farmers will ask you to haul meat or vegetables, Affluent Trader will probably ask you to deliver an item from here to way over there quickly and an Intergalactic Crime Lord might have you rescue someone from a giant Darkstar Base in another sector and reward you with a ton of contraband or a pirate cruiser.

Anomalies will randomly appear on the viewscreen to serve up a certain number of missions or a certain amount of turns (like weeks) before disappearing and then new anomalies will show up. These anomalies will have 3-5 missions available at any given time and randomly generate more as they are taken every so many turns.

You will be able to see ALL the anomalies and their missions in a grid from the revamped "Events" page for convenience.

The system is randomly generated between a level, an npc type, a mission type and a reward type (usually credits) which can get bonus scaled up for things like doing it quickly, having the right research tech when hauling appropriate goods.Your reward can also get scaled DOWN for taking too long.

There is most likely going to be a "Deposit Requirement" to take certain missions like hauling goods. You will need to have a certain amount of money in your funds in order to accept it and for whatever reason you don't deliver the valuables, your corp will be charged the deposit.

There is also going to be a level restriction of your corp vs the level of the mission. Their happens to be 10 levels of mission. This is a low requirement and just to prevent smaller accounts from trashing larger missions which are increasingly more rare to generate.

A lot of the anomaly work is already in the live game, like the icons and much of the database infrastructure. I have laid a lot of the ground work, maybe all of, it in the database already, to randomly generate a mission and I'm now working on making one type of mission actually work. A Haul Product mission type. Once they goes in smoothly I can make other mission types pretty quickly.

The types of missions I'm planning so far look like this

Recovery Mission
Salvage Operation
Missing Person
Rescue Mission
Destroy Unit
Destroy Ship
Destroy Base

There is also another "feature" that might wiggle its way in related to missions. Ships MIGHT get secondary attributes which can be leveled up instead of the standard attack, hits etc. Things like

one more i forget...

These stats have normal passive effects on the ships in your game but can also be used in more interesting mission types like "Disaster Releif" or "Covert Ops" missions that will use your ship stats. Those might come later after the "normal" mission types are all in place.
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