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Posts: 60

Posts: 60
I really really like the market feature we have. I use it almost exclusivly when buying raw materials right now. So great job with this!!!

But there are some additions I d like to see.

The most import for me would be the possibility to set a price per unit for guild members additionally to the public sell price.

Another one whould be an option to keep the sell configuration even if all products are gone. Normally i set Qty to hold to 1 which works well if only other players buy, but there are times where i also sell via transports and when all gets picked up i need to reconfigure the sell offer.

Other nice to have features:
  • allow to set multiple prices for the same stack depending on the amout you have. For example. I want to sell Water. If I have 5k price should be 100, if I have 20k price shall be 90, if I have 100k price shall be 80.
  • possibility for buy orders in a similar way. (I want to buy water for 80 at location 'moscow' up to a maximum of 20k at this location). I m not sure how you would fullfill this in an easy way though

If any of those suggestions should be considered implementation worthy... please keep the UI simple. Thats the main benefit over contracts right now.
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