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Citizens and corporations of Sol,

This is a sad day.

I was proud to announce my congenial departure from TCS and the formation of the Coalition of KindTech yesterday. In the first 24 hours, our coalition's ranks have already swelled to 11 members. I am proud to see that there are so many who believe in forming a united Sol under a common banner.

However, there are dark forces at work who would prefer to see us fail.

Only hours after my departure announcement, relations with TCS broke down because a former member chose to join our ranks. This occurred through no coercion on our part - they simply asked to join us and we obliged them, as we have so many others.

This was a point of confusion for us here at KindTech, but we moved on -- until KindTech counterterrorism agents revealed a terrible plot.

There are those within TCS who wish to tear down what we have built. I suspect that this is in retaliation for my leaving to build something great for Earth - but not for TCS.

Communiques received from the field include, and I quote, "There are some easy targets right now. Low hanging fruit. The spaceport. Orbital gun. Warp gates. All very easy to destroy right now...Want to make your mark on the game? This is how its done Big Grin"

Let me be very clear when I say that this plot stands against everything we have built for Earth - no, for Sol!

A message must be sent.

Corporations of Earth, we hereby announce that it is open season on Green Inc and Boldor Industries. We will pay $1m credits for each MILITARY unit or structure of theirs that is destroyed. They MUST NOT be given the opportunity to enact their plot to tear down what we have built.

We have received no indication that any other TCS members are accessories to this plot. This bounty does not apply to them at this time.

Corporations who do not have the military force to attack them directly, consider using your ships to guard our orbital structures. If you lose units in their defense, you will be compensated.

We work together to build a united Sol. The efforts of those who wish to harm us must be stopped.

Together we are strong.

Managing Director, KindTech

Attached are communiques between KindTech and TCS, and those received from our counterterrorism agents.

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