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Posts: 10

I have some ideas for various megastructures that I believe would fit the game pretty well. The current ones are cool, but the variety is a bit lacking smile

City scale (MCP):

  • Mega Industrial Complex
    Increases the output of all production facilities in the city, without affecting upkeep.
  • Supercomputing Facility
    Increases the research points the owner has available.

Planet scale (OCP):

  • Ringworld habitat. Reference: https://i.imgur.com/iaHbA6Q.jpg
    Provides a population growth bonus (like an arcology) to every planet on the city. Additionally, structures can be build at the ringworld city, and civilian services can be sold to it as if it were a spaceport.
  • Orbital mirrors. Reference from The Expanse: http://i.imgur.com/WmV8Ocj.jpg
    These massive structures can direct sunlight from orbit to a certain point on the ground, allowing for massive greenhouses and farms on planets that would normally be extremely hard to farm on.
    Structure can not be built around Terran or Toxic planets (too many clouds. Gas giants is fine, the cities float above the clouds!).
    This megastructure will create farm and ranch resource nodes on the planet below. Node value and the amount of nodes will scale with the level of the structure.
System scale (OCP, new, must be around system star):
  • Supergate.
    This massive, expensive supergate can only be deployed on one of the four spots around a star.
    Once deployed, it can link to another supergate in a different star system. Travel between two linked supergates is instantaneous.
  • Dyson Swarm.
    Not quite a Dyson Sphere, this megastructure is a large amount of huge solar arrays in close orbit around the sun.
    Cheap energy! Reduces production costs of all industry in the system.
  • Solar Forge.
    The most advanced shipyard imaginable. This expensive facility allows the direct of certain rare, advanced units. (E.g. the supercarriers, battlestars and the other units like those. Maybe some artifact units.)

Feel free to suggest other structure ideas you might have!
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