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Posts: 69
I rarely make formal suggestions such as this, because I generally do not feel strongly enough about any certain feature change to put it on the table (even though I always have ideas). This is one idea that I really think this game needs and could add a great element to it.

I propose adding achievements of some sort. These would be badges that you earn for accomplishing tasks in the game, which can be very simple (build your first scout) to more complicated (gain a net worth over 10 billion), with tangible rewards that match the magnitude of the achievement.

Let me explain why this is so important for a game like this:

Many games will often use the concept of small periodic rewards to give players something to pursue when they have no other obvious goals. Play any game on Facebook, and you will see games that hand out frequent, small boosts to players for simply playing the game. This does something actually quite psychological to a person: it taps into the reward center of their brain, and many games are extremely successful by basically pushing the "reward center button" continuously, giving players a constant good feeling of getting bonuses and boosts. Players get hooked on this feeling, and will get addicted to some truly terrible games. But it really does work.

I played a soccer game once that did this a bit differently. It had a list of 300-400 different achievements. There were like 20 basic ones that were easy, but some were extremely hard to do. There was even a secret group of special rewards for doing extra special things. Each of these gave a boost upon completing them, and man did I get hooked trying to get more achievements. I stayed in that game way longer than I thought I would simply because of that aspect.

This works in two ways then: you get players who get hooked simply for the perks of getting small, periodic rewards just for playing the game, and you also get the players who are completionists, who want to strive to get every achievement in the game. Either way, it gets more players engaged and something to focus their energies on.

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