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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1478

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1478
The structures “Products At This Location” list now displays any product that the structure can produce on the list even if no product is currently there. This allows you to see the volume and price of products you could potentially make at that structure. This also applies to the Buy/Sell tab for structures in a city. Letting you know what your other products can sell for. It also includes Civilian Services, which is probably the real feature, as before you can never tell what your service was selling for or what the volume is from these screens where it is needed the most. The Corp HQ will display an extra row for whatever product it is currently producing and not everything it can make, because it can make everything.

The mini tabs showing the anomalies/megastructures were showing ones that were out of scope of the location you were zoomed into. No need to see Arcologies on the moon when you’re looking at New York. The grids should show more appropriate ones depending on your zoom level.

Starbases have a different bonus structure. They now give a 10% bonus per level and not 1-100% based on the level up multiplier they did before. A level 3 Starbase will be 30% attack bonus to all combat on that side for example.

The attack cost when battling was set to 20% of your unit’s upkeep which was pretty low, then we dropped the upkeep cost of everything about 4x a while ago. So now the attack cost has been raised from 20% to 500% (5x) your units upkeep cost when attacking. It still doesn’t impact the bottom line that much.

When you complete the tutorial, you will now also get a free Scout class ship. New players not being able to get off world, or even trade off world immediately was a crippling situation. We already made Scouts purchasable at the Corp HQ but new players wouldn’t have the money to get one early. Now they have one immediately to help them weather a “Demand Storm” on Earth.

The Assets page notes field now displays a note if you are a convoy flagship, a fleet that is allowing escorts. Also units that are escorting a fleet or group displays the name of the group they are escorting in the notes.

When a convoy is set to attack a specific Corp or guild and the convoy has escorts from that Corp or guild escorting it. Those escorts will be taken off the attacking side and placed on the defending side. Those units escort orders will also be set to complete and go to their next order with a message in their logs saying they were attacked by the convoy they were escorting. This was exploitive as enemies could prevent themselves from being attacked by clinging to the convoy. A few other tweaks were made to try to make sure the escorts can’t be manipulated. Be warned that a convoy attacking “everything” can potentially accidentally attack a unit from a corp which is escorting them and thus dropping all those escorts to the defending side. Convoys should use Single Corp attacks to be safe.

You can no longer attack your own Corp. The Attack will cancel altogether.

Bug – Using a warp gate as a flagship with other ships escorting you would crash the game as the escorting ships were getting bad warp data assigned. This was a bug since warp gates were implemented, but only became game breaking when the warp gate costs were changed.

Bug – The population damage when battles happen in cities is 10% of the attacking sides power score, however that was being applied to all 9 population types and was effectively 90% of the power score. That has been corrected.

Bug – Loading orders from a list which had deploy Megastructure order would come in without a specific megastructure to build selected which would crash the game.

Bug - When a new city is formed on top of an existing anomaly, that anomaly will despawn and delete anyone active mission it had attached to it. Also, if you accept a mission that was set to go to an anomaly that no longer exists, the mission will still work but the drop off location will read as “Ruins” when viewing the event itself. The link from the event will take you to the exact location. The mission text will still show the old anomaly name but the delivery location should be the same.
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