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Posts: 3
If this is already in the forum im sry.

Changing "Turn: #####" to an exact date/time within the future.

Instead of Turn: 14000 would it be possible to change it to a realistic/futuristic time? Example: Y3020.1.11 13:00(military time).

Then every 10mins(game turn) that time on the end just goes up 10mins like: 13:10.

Would that change everything in the game?

This is my reasoning:
When a new player comes by and sees the game turn is well over 14000 they might not want to join due to the fact they will feel FAR behind everyone else. Hell i almost didnt join. When i joined i think it was almost game turn 2000. I was a little leary on it. Also i think it would help with players creating events or even like GNN can come up with an actual Date and time for his/her reports. Just a feature i think could bring alot more players into the game.

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