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What do you think about these (Player Run) PvP ideas?

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Posts: 10
PvP- great in theory, tough in practice. Am I ruining someones day? Will I be destroyed for stealing hoverbikes? Can I hinder the competition without being a bad player?

Here are a few ideas to chew on (all player run of course)

PvP Flags; A way to tell people 'I can handle losing a fight'.
PvP Zones; Planets or locations where PvP is expected/accepted

Rules of Escalation; Some kind of eye for an eye arrangement?

(PvP) Peace; What we're enjoying now. Polite and profitable.
Flame Wars; ugh. Comms battles before, during and after HQ wipe.

Grown Up Plots and Feuds; Are these a myth? I feel like I've heard grand war stories from the First Ones and the Old Gods that didn't end with rage quitting.

Feel free discuss here for future reference - you can edit or delete forum posts if you need to
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