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17 days ago
Posts: 19
Project Ross is officially closed, goal to reach 25 cities is achieved, and new system Odegard is established!

Many new planets and moons, many new rich resource plots, two new artifact resource plots, and all that really close to Sol!

Special thanks to Kerbal Tech, AstroAscendingAsses and all members from Atlas guild.

New focus is system Odegard.

In last few days foundations are laid:

We have two Warp Gates (at max level to provide max speed) strategically located, so all planets and moons are close-ish to fast transport point.

We have 8 cities, most of them have Spaceports, so you can feed those cities without danger of attack on planet surface.

Megastructure Arcology is deployed in almost all cities, for population growth bonus, and basic protection is placed to protect against Raiders.

Proactive guild is feeding almost all cities with all Raw Materials, and demand for those product will be close to zero, so population grows as fast as possible.
But you can check demand on every individual city, and feel free to feed those cities with Components and End Products to speed up population growth even more.

Final goal is the same, to reach 25 cities in Odegard, and to open new system with new resource and artifact plots for all players.

Join us in effort to open new system!
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