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Kaijus Threaten Earth
Turn 118822

One of many Kaiju that have been seen on Planet Earth

MOSCOW, EARTH, SOL SYSTEM: Earth, the cradle of Humanity, has seen rising numbers of creatures known as Kaiju. Fabled to appear when their realm is threatened, Kaiju are known to be incredibly destructive and dangerous beasts. Luckily, Earth has a protector that keeps these Kaiju at bay. Victerror, Star Lord of Sol, has been successful thus far in destroying these creatures before they have an opportunity to unleash their wrath on the World, with the assistance of numerous other corporations who call Earth home; and those who choose to assist in its defense.

One must question whether the ARK organization, that Peace Corps is a member of, is researching these creatures and causing them to defend their realms, or if there is another threat that they sense. While it is known that Kaiju do not appear on desolate planets, there has been little, to no activity on planets within Sol that have less populated cities. Perhaps the rulers of Earth should encourage corporations to leave Earth to grow other cities; allowing those who stay, a brief reprieve from the dangers that lurk beneath surface.

The threats of Kaiju are only one of many that makes terror present; Pirates, Raiders, Mercenary Groups and the cryptic Machines all bring death and devastation to all they encounter. In future articles, the work of Legacy Accords will focus on these ever present dangers amongst other pieces of daily significance.

Exploring the Truth as Always,
Monica Church

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