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Smothering the promised child in their grave

Hi, I just joined this game and my first and continued impression is that it looks amazing. My second impression was why arent more people plying this game? At first I couldn't get why so few people would want to play this really cool free to play game. Please hear me out this isn't just a rant about the game. I plan to keep playing it, and it seems amazing, but the current setup for the game is killing potential players before they can get really invested. I believe there is one key thing which is bottle necking the game, and it is a huge turn off for me to say the least. At the moment, as I am sure anyone reading this post is aware, you can only construct new facilities to be deployed at other locations at your HQ and if you are on a free account you can only place your HQ on earth. THIS MAKES IT A GAME ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY ON EARTH AND YOUR PIDDLY LITTLE EFFORTS OFF OF EARTH. While I understand the logic behind it, and how you are free to make all the industry you want off of earth technically, the policy is smothering for people who want to try the game without paying. How are you supposed to be a interplanetary force that owns planets and does cool things... when everything you build has to be ferried off of earth? It makes the game feel really restrictive and crowded onto earth to say the least, and makes it hard for you to look forward to your prosperous future in the stars. I understand that to get the full experience you should have to pay, but you will not get any growth as a free to play game with the current model. Funding the game makes complete sense, and having a subscription based play style with a trial 'island' also makes sense, but when you think your getting a free game and end up stuck in a corner of a galaxy it makes you want to leave right away. I am truly sorry if this comes off as patronizing, but this game looks amazing and I would love to see it grow into an amazing, rich, universe.

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