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Posts: 390
Goal of the moon charter –
The goal of this charter is to establish the principles on how the artifact resources of the moon are to be used in for the benefit of the expansion of mankind.
In order to achieve this it is important that an agreement be reached on the use of the moon so as to –

· Eliminate conflict over artifacts
· Ensure artifacts are used for the benefit of mankind
· Optimize the output of Artifacts from the moon.

Unfortunately artifacts can be used both to provide great benefits to mankind for instance through geoboosters, or conversely to greatly damage mankind as a whole for instance through geoscorchers or virus deployment. Artifacts can furthermore be used to create powerful units or enhance the capacities of existing units which can result in a highly destructive wars when unleashed.

In order to do this effectively certain aspects need to be considered in particular:

Research facilities – who runs them, and how.

Artifacts – which artifacts are produced and for what purpose

Moon Defense – who is responsible for the defense of the moon and how are the defenses coordinated

Finally there is another aspect which needs to be discussed regarding the moon which is the question of reparations following the war on the moon, though not part of the charter itself a discussion of this is necessary to ensure a smooth transition to a working agreement on the moon.
It should be further noted that the goal of this charter is not to create a monopoly of any kind on artifacts in the moon – in fact it is widely expected that new and more productive sites will be discovered as mankind expand. Judicious use of the moon artifact resources will help in this expansion. In fact it is likely that as further artifacts are discovered the terms of the moon charter may come again under consideration and discussion.
I would invite comments on the principles behind the charter here – other discussions will be opened for the individual aspects of the moon charter.
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