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Posts: 28

Posts: 28
Grandor Announced: Project Of New Home Homeworld.
Future is unsure bcs high demand, overall declining population and low will of population working on satisfate this high demand. We need find another world if somethink go wrong.

As the result Declaring the future planet under my protection.
As military protection.
As economic Progression.
Its will not planet of isolation. In other fact it will be trading planet of future mankind. The Second home of Humanity.
But will be fully automatizated and any infiltrating will be act of agression.

To acomplish this big goal. New research started.
Grandors Automation Drones.
For 3 divisions:
-Exploration for scouting the new Ideal Homeworld.
-Automatized Factories - as result High demand of Human mankinds and future Homeworld
-Homeworld Defense only including Interplanetary Trade.

More info in time. Any support will be aprocitated.

Grandor Drones Corporation
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