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Posts: 390

Posts: 390
As we have seen there are simple rules on Alts I will quote:
”Doctor Dread” wrote:

Multi Accounting by itself is NOT illegal. You will not be banned simply for playing with another account on same email or IP address.
Abuse of the game IS illegal.
You can be told to kill/transfer all your extra accounts past the first if it becomes abusive. Refunding money if necessary but we're not obligated to. If you're abusing the game with multi accounting we will warn you and help fix the situation, combine the corps but we have the right to ban them entirely. Make multiple accounts at your own risk.
Examples of abuse:
  • Having multiple accounts where one is simply feeding another is abuse. You and your girlfriend working together is of course not.
  • Making any account to suicide sell or buy the price of a product in a city so you can exploit it is abuse.
  • Making suicide accounts that Overcrowd resources on Earth because of Lulz is Abuse.
  • Dumping free accounts after transferring the tutorial money is abuse.
  • Making an extra account to move military to so you can attack someone else with it is abuse.

Having 2-3 accounts "working together" is not automatically abuse but you are walking into a gray area once you make a second account and do this sort of thing. If I see more than 3 accounts running under one person you may get told to tone it back.
If you are abusing multiple accounts, abusing the game at all actually, you can potentially lose your "main" one as well.
We have the right to ban your account and delete everything without refund if we deem it necessary, That's not option #1 of course and you will be warned first if you we feel you are abusing the game.

As a community we will need to enforce these rules, especially as we are starting to see players which are blatantly going over the 3 alt limit.
This should be done by guilds and I propose the following simple steps:
1) Every guild enforces alt rules amongst its members
2) If someone is abusing the alt rules it is brought to the attention of the community. If they do not terminate their extra alts or abusive behavior they get hunted down.
I am open to suggestions or refinement on this but given the situation I think we need to come to some kind of decision sooner rather than later.
This is a guild based decision because it can happy on any system at any time so not so much rulers but guilds need to be involved in this.
Everyone is invited to comment, but in particular I look forward to the feedback of guildmasters on this.
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