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Posts: 64

Posts: 64
As the Naertho System opens, a group of executives gathers in the temporary settlement of Chireno to discuss a way to manage overcrowding in the newly discovered Artifact Site.
Here is a basic proposal based off one made for Ryvvik, it will be updated as new bits of legislation are suggested or old ones are removed:
      • Article 1: Timing.
        • 1.1 Corporations already on site must bring themselves into compliance by 100 turns after this agreement is voted in
        • 1.2 Newly arriving corporations must bring themselves into compliance within 100 turns of arriving (but not before turn mentioned in 1.1)
      • Article 2: Restrictions
        • 2.1 Any single corporation is limited to a single level 10 (or below) research center in Ridgely.
        • 2.2 Every guild may maintain a maximum of 3 research centers in Ridgely.
          • 2.2.1 Corporations with HQ located in Naertho do not count to this limit.
          • 2.2.1 Please decide among yourselves who will keep them- the guild is held collectively responsible for this.
        • 2.3 No two alts may both maintain a research center in Ridgely. Not even if they are in the same guild.
      • Article 3: Economic Contribution
        • 3.1 No contribution will be required
      • Article 4: Enforcement
        • 4.1 Non-complying corporations will be warned by a representative decided upon in article 5, and asked to temporarily shut down their research center until they can bring themselves in compliance with article 2.
        • 4.2 Corporations refusing to comply with the rules within 100 turns after being warned will have their assets in Ridgely destroyed by forces decribed in section 5.5.
        • 4.3 Corporation violating the rules for the 3rd time in 30 IRL days will not be warned, nor will the representative wait the prescribed period from section 4.2
        • 4.4 Corporation violating rules 5.6 and 5.7 (attacking others) will not be warned and their assets may be destroyed.
          • 4.4.1 Should an agreement be reached between the attacker and all of the attacked to resolve the issue peacefully, the Reperentative must not destroy the attackers assets.
      • Article 5: Management
        • 5.1 Corporations present in Ridgely will pick up a Representative from among themselves to enforce these rules.
          • 5.1.1 Corporations are considered "present in Ridegely" if they maintain an active research center (except where it goes against Article 2) or HQ in Riddgely.
          • 5.1.2 Corporations are explicitly not considered "present" if they are, at the time, violating Article 2.
        • 5.2 A corporation present in Ridegely may nominate itself for the representative position.
        • 5.2.1. A corporation nominated for representative postition may withdraw its nomination voulanatrily at any time, and will lose Representative status if they have it.
        • 5.3 A corporation present in Ridegely may support a nominated representative.
          • 5.3.1 Every corporation present in Ridegely has one vote regardless of how many HQs, research centers and/or other buildings they have.
          • 5.3.2 A corporation may support as many or as few nominated representatives as it wishes.
        • 5.4 A nominated representative supported by the most corporations becomes the Representative.
          • 5.4.1 If two or more corporations are supported by an equal amount of votes, larger than that for any other nominees, they are both considered Representatives together.
        • 5.5 It is the representatives role to enforce these rules (see artcile 4,) they may however enlist help from other corporations.
          • 5.5.1 Statement of intent: While it is everyones moral duty to help, there is no penalty for refusing to help the Representative (unless otherwise stated in the accords.)
          • 5.5.2 When enlisting help, the Representative must use clear language to specify who is being attacked and why.
        • 5.6. No corporation other than the Representative, or corporations enlisted through sestion 5.5 for this particular attack, may attack assets in Naertho system belonging a corporation "present in Ridgely".

        • 5.7 The Representative may not attack corporations that have not violated these rules in Ridgely.
          • 5.7.1 Any corporation that has been demonstrated to have violated rule 5.7 is ineligible to be a Representative for 30 IRL days since the last offense. Their status as nominated representative, if they have it, is rescinded for the duration.
          • 5.7.2 A corporation is considered to have been the Representative for the purpose of these rules, including but not limited to sections 5.5 and 5.6, until their offense was brought up (or until it was lost through other means, unrelated to subsection 5.7.1.)

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    Posts: 64

    Posts: 64
    Votes for:
    • Aywanez Incorporated
    • WeylandYutani Corp
    • nynoxaff
    • Titan Industrial
    • Honeypot Farms
    • Circlejerk Ind

    Votes againt:
    • Azura Consortium
    • Wolfspell Corp

    Abstained (count as against):
    • Ironcrown Imperium (refused to vote, on the grounds that the vote was illegal)
    • QR Inceptions
    • Ni Corp
    • Melbourne

    Proposal passes with 6 votes out of 11 required on 08/16/17 at 04:51 PM (turn 13412)
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