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Posts: 390
This has been the source of much internal discussion within ARK but I feel it is important to bring it now out into the light so all citizens of Gulyaev can share their thoughts on this. Though the final decision on the implementation of the protectorate lays with ARK we welcome all constructive ideas and comments to help make Gulyaev a strong, prosperous and peaceful system. I would in particular like to thank those who have been sharing ideas on the various channels. Though we mostly refrained from comments we were all listening and interested in what you had to say.


In order to ensure the peace and prosperity of Gulyaev, ARK has established the protectorate of Gulyaev.

The Protectorate is established to accomplish the following goals:

  • Ensure the economic development of Gulyaev
  • Preclude conflicts from erupting in Gulyaev
  • Benefit those corporations dedicated to the peace and prosperity of Gulyaev.
  • Put in place a mechanism for discussion and resolution of conflicts.

  • As such the following articles of the protectorate are in effect:

    Citizens of Gulyaev - The citizens of Gulyaev are those corporations which have established their headquarters within the Gulyaev system or those corporations where the majority of the economic assets are established in Gulyaev.

    Protectorate of Gulyaev - ARK is has established the protectorate of Gulyaev and as such will deploy whatever military force is needed for the protectorate to be maintained. Support from other citizens of Gulyaev is always welcome.

    Natural resources of Gulyaev (excludes artifacts) - Gulyaev system is endowed with bountiful resources. These resources can and should be used for the development of Gulyaev. There are sufficient resources that conflict should not arise - however if for whatever reason localized overcrowding were to happen, this should be resolved by the mayor of the city if applicable. If there is a conflict of interest the protectorate may be called upon to intervene as a neutral party to adjudicate any conflicts. Both citizens and noncitizens may exploit the natural resources of Gulyaev but disputes will be settled in favour of citizens.

    Artifacts of Gulyaev - Artifacts are particularly valuable and as such specific consideration needs to be given to their use. Preference will go to the citizens of Gulyaev. As such the following rules are in effect for artifacts:

  • Each citizen may maintain a research center on each artifact location in Gulyaev. No more than a single research center per site and citizen. Thus each citizen may have a maximum of 3 research centers.
  • Non citizens may maintain a single research center on Gulyaev (one in total) of no more than lvl 5.

  • Each research site will have an appointed protector that will defend the area as a whole from external incursions.

    Citizens are encouraged to use the sites to produce boosters to improve the economy of Gulyaev.

    Defense of Gulyaev - Having established the protectorate ARK commits to defend Gulyaev from threats. This includes defending Gulyaev from natural perils of living in space (attacks from Machines, Kaijus, raiders and the such). In addition any concerted attack against Gulyaev will be repulsed most vigorously. All citizens of Gulyaev are welcome to join in the defense of our system.

    Furthermore all citizens are encouraged to share information regarding incoming and potential threats to Gulyaev.

    However the protectorate will not intervene in cases of wars between guilds. Nor does it expect the citizens of Gulyaev to intervene in wars that ARK may be involved in outside of its role as protector of Gulyaev.

    Deployment and use of megastructures in Gulyaev. Megastructures have the potential to greatly benefit Gulyaev. As such the following basic rules are in place regarding the use of megastructures in Gulyaev:

    Citizens may deploy spaceports and warp gates, though no more than one per planet and citizen.

    Starbases and Orbital guns may only be deployed prior consultation with the protectorate and with explicit approval.

    Settling and moving to Gulyaev. Corporations are welcome to come and settle in Gulyaev provided they have not been involved in piratical or terrorist activities, or have explicitly acted against the interests of Gulyaev or try to lay specific claim to Gulyaev or part of Gulyaev. The protectorate maintains a list of corporations which are not welcome to settle in Gulyaev. Citizens are welcome to propose any other corporations which they feel need to be added to the list. Currently the corps which are barred from settling in Gulyaev are:

    WeylandYutani Corp

    ARK takes on the responsibility of enforcing the rules of the protectorate.
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