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From where were you reffered to Barons of the Galaxy?

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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
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25 days ago
Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
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tencursatefut wrote:
John wrote:
Heard of it from a friend, who in turn heard of it from the old Astro Empires, which we both used to play years ago, apparently he still hangs around the forums.

AE is more of a pay2win game, you will see that the players who didnt pay for subscription arent allowed to build up to more than lvl5 economic centers. This is a great inequality.

And to be on topic, it just happened to find this game. Which I see it's very convoluted.

One question, does this server really hold like 244.140.624 records (244 mil) for the map table in SQL? On AE they had like 10k records for each div I think for every galaxy. They have a similar map to this one used here..
244 mil records in the database seem much to me.

That's not how the game is laid out in the database. The only things in the database , are things IN the game. The only planets and stars in the game right now are the ones you can see. When a new system opens up its randomly generated on the spot. There are rows in the database for the other Stars (which is 25 in the terran sector) and there's only 1-2 sectors opened up. Only a few of those stars are actually populated with planets (like 10 more rows per star for planets) and each planet might have 50 rows for the resources etc. There's a row for every product stack until it goes to zero and disappears, a row for every military unit etc. The database for the game is 500meg - 1 gig in size, and has "thousands" of rows not "Millions".

If there were 10,000 players and several zones opened up and generated you would get to the "millions"

When you are zooming out on the galaxy map in mostly empty places, its bringing back a dozen rows of data at most. It can theoretically get as big as it needs to. The size of the galaxy was made at that scale more for "realism" and to give a way to perhaps do events or expedition quests that takes weeks even on a warp gate. . I would never expect the game to ever get out of the Alpha quadrant. I figured going between two Zones would be a huge thing.

The game kind of requires a dense amount of players in one place in order to make the economy "work" so the game expands when the "economic real estate" starts to get tight and crowded. This makes it useless to fly off deep into the galaxy though, there's nothing out there. I was working on making exploration quests and actually put things "out there" but the game dev is kind of on hold for a while .
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