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Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1475

Doctor Dread
Doctor Dread
Posts: 1475
Update went in today. It wasn't everything I m working on but its been almost 2 months and I need to push what I have.

  • Contract bug involving negative quantities should be corrected. That’s to Titan Industrial for setting up a repeating situation.
  • Escorting fleets should now pay the attack cost like everyone else.
  • Clicking on a product that is cargo on a unit that is carried on another unit should no longer crash.
  • The mysterious “units ejected due to hangar capacity” message that would hit people who have random ground groups should be gone now.
  • I’m fairly confident the bug where you get a special quest ship and it would have no location should eb fixed now.
  • Orbitals were not repairing automatically like they should. This was actually hotfixed weeks ago,.
  • Research Centers that were on Halt Production should no longer still apply their Overcrowding penalty to everyone else.
  • All The hostile events had some bugs fixed. There have always been problems with the events not being created and/or the units not all despawning when an event was over. Their Bounty payout is now set to 20% of their net worth and nothing if they aren’t destroyed by the time event is up. Eventually I will make the non-destruction payout have some payout that scales also. I am also working on some ideas to make them more challenging for the big corps.
  • Monoliths are now size 300, Motheships 500. The “Size” layout for combat should handle sizes up to 1000 now.
  • MAK Drones now attack as Variteks.
  • There is a new MAK Gunwing which is a 10x stack of MAK Gunships. It’s not an obtainable unit. Although one day you may be able to combine 10 ships into a wing permanently.
  • Commando’s damage has been reduced across the board and damage against commandos has been increased. They are still by FAR the best unit to use to invade structures but were a TAD overpowered for the money.
  • There is now a limit to Megastructures providing political score bonuses. You will only get political score bonus for the top 10 highest scoring Megastructures.
  • The political score bonus for Rulership of Cities/Planet/ Systems has been increased from 20/35/50 to 25/50/100.
  • The Logistics cost of all your units is now displayed in two places. The Accoutning Tab >> Military Report and on the Assets page >> Military Side Tab. It may be a little off what your assets page says at the top due to fractions. Something I will try to correct. For reference Logistics is the level of the ground unit OR the size of the Ship/Unit divided by 10 for everything else. There are few exceptions. Orbital guns level like a ground unit, Mobile fortress also.
  • Attackers attack cost is now 10x normal upkeep. Defenders now have a different “Defend Cost” also which is 2x their upkeep. However, a defenders defend cost scales down with the attacking forces Military power. So if you are attacked with a force that is 0.002% of your defending power, you will only pay 0.002% of your normal cost. This should prevent “Suicide Bombing” attacks to drain someone of cash.

There is still a bug with Convoys that attack the same location at the same time getting duplicate “empty” battles which still cost money. I will try to get that fixed by next week. Don’t attack big events with multiple convoys in the meantime.

I really want to get a direct Guild bank Deposit into the game also as a holdover until some more robust guild features are in place. It’s the top of my to do list.
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