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Turn Change

If this is already in the forum im sry.

Changing "Turn: #####" to an exact date/time within the future.

Instead of Turn: 14000 would it be possible to change it to a realistic/futuristic time? Example: Y3020.1.11 13:00(military time).

Then every 10mins(game turn) that time on the end just goes up 10mins like: 13:10.

Would that change everything in the game?

This is my reasoning:
When a new player comes by and sees the game turn is well over 14000 they might not want to join due to the fact they will feel FAR behind everyone else. Hell i almost didnt join. When i joined i think it was almost game turn 2000. I was a little leary on it. Also i think it would help with players creating events or even like GNN can come up with an actual Date and time for his/her reports. Just a feature i think could bring alot more players into the game.

Guild Income / Separate Logistics

I do not know if this is part of an update or a list Dread may have in the future for the Guilds/Guild Banks, BUT.....here goes.

I switched some of my civilian service buildings to guild assets to test this. Although It only takes the production cost out of guild bank.

Thought it would be cool if it added money to the guild bank after said items would've been sold. Instead it was directly put into my bank. Could this be altered to give the Guild Bank some sort of income stream besides a tax? Course it would be up to the guild to have either one of these options...or both if they want.

Also maybe a separate logistics/fleet amount based on a "Guild HQ" just like a single corporation has. Upgrades would cost alot more and single corporations could donate his/her buildings/armies to their guild.

Could Have the guild work as a single corporation working by itself. You would have to login to "GUILD VIEW" under guild tab. Only certain members can access. It would switch you over to things you would do normally playing the game but as the Guild itself. Make sense?

Technically it would act as an ALT account for Guild Master or the 2nd in command of the guild

Just a HUGE idea. Throwing it out there. Criticism...or alternate ways that may be easier?

How about being able to name planets instead of CentVIII or CentVI. Maybe a voting system to change a planets name. Not in Sol of Course. And name cant be changed. Of course should go by guidelines as well.

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